Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Mega WILD Prints" Project

Today I'm gonna post the photos from my first photoshoot as a stylist. This shoot was actually from November 15,'s been awhile, I know. 
It's actually a final project of the "Fashion Media" course at a fashion school I went to. I chose this "wild prints" theme because obviously I love leopard, zebra and all those animal prints! :) And my lecturer helped me think of the name of the shoot. So thanks to her. :)

Here's the mood board and again thanks to my lecturer, P'Nane, for helping me find some references. 

And before you get to see the finished photos from the shoot, I'd like you to see some of behind the scenes photos too just to see how I worked on the shoot. :)

You can see my best friend here at the back of the model...don't mind him! Lol.

The team...I looked like sh*t next to the model! :/

Now it's time to see the photos from the shoot. Sorry for talking so much! Lol...
Fyi, most of the clothes and accessories are mines, I borrowed some clothes from stores as well and a few accessories from the makeup artist. 

And...i retouched all the photos myself! I took soooo long to edit al the photos I liked from this shoot, you wanna know why??? Take a look below!
Yah! I didn't just retouch the model but also the clothes...that's how delicate I can be! hehe

photographer: P'Peem Siam Bantoeng
make-up artist: Flora
model: Cat Haas
stylist: me
& special thanks to me best guy friend, Nick, for picking me up, taking me to the studio and driving me back. :)


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