Sunday, October 16, 2011

Girl gone glam.

I had my real photo shoot on 01.10.10 (Oct 01, 2010), nice no., huh? :)
I admit I didn't do that good this this shoot since it's my first. ><

Well, It was a long rough day that day. We got kicked out off the first park we were. The guards there said no fashion photography was allowed and though we convinced them it's just for fun not for commercial, they still wanted us to go ask for permission at their office and I assumed we had to pay so we left! Lol.. So My MUA recommended the Railway Park so we went there. Luckily, I had my best friend, Nick, was there to give us a ride. :)

Well, I honestly had no idea what to wear for the shoot so I let the photographer, Christophe XrisXros Knausz from France, help me decide.
We only had time to shoot 2 looks because we wasted time at the first location where it didn't work out and had to travel to another place.

So this is the first look that day; a beautiful maxi dress which is only THB 270.- and I bought it at the night market in Siam Square. And I remember I bought it when I was a little tipsy! haa!! "Do not go shopping when you're drunk, people!" Lol....but well, I still had my sense of fashion then and picked the amazing maxi dress. ;)

Since my MUA and I went to the same uni and were in the same club, called "Dramatic Art Club" aka DAC where there are so many costumes, we borrowed the shoes from the club. :D

Photographed by: Christophe XrisXros Knausz (http://www.xrisxros.​

Hair & make-up by: P'Farm
Styled by: me ;)
Special thanks: Nick, my best friend