Sunday, October 16, 2011

Girl gone glam.

I had my real photo shoot on 01.10.10 (Oct 01, 2010), nice no., huh? :)
I admit I didn't do that good this this shoot since it's my first. ><

Well, It was a long rough day that day. We got kicked out off the first park we were. The guards there said no fashion photography was allowed and though we convinced them it's just for fun not for commercial, they still wanted us to go ask for permission at their office and I assumed we had to pay so we left! Lol.. So My MUA recommended the Railway Park so we went there. Luckily, I had my best friend, Nick, was there to give us a ride. :)

Well, I honestly had no idea what to wear for the shoot so I let the photographer, Christophe XrisXros Knausz from France, help me decide.
We only had time to shoot 2 looks because we wasted time at the first location where it didn't work out and had to travel to another place.

So this is the first look that day; a beautiful maxi dress which is only THB 270.- and I bought it at the night market in Siam Square. And I remember I bought it when I was a little tipsy! haa!! "Do not go shopping when you're drunk, people!" Lol....but well, I still had my sense of fashion then and picked the amazing maxi dress. ;)

Since my MUA and I went to the same uni and were in the same club, called "Dramatic Art Club" aka DAC where there are so many costumes, we borrowed the shoes from the club. :D

Photographed by: Christophe XrisXros Knausz (http://www.xrisxros.​

Hair & make-up by: P'Farm
Styled by: me ;)
Special thanks: Nick, my best friend

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Swexy me! [sweet + a lil sexy ;)]

This look is a little bit sweet and a little bit sexy (I think so lol) so i named it "swexy". Haha...retarded, I know.

I'm wearing a corset-like top with high-waisted skirt and stockings. And of course, "accessory is the key" so I wear them as usual. :)

Not gonna say much (cuz there's nothing much to say, actually lol).  
Just enjoy the photos then! :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shocking pink at a wedding!

(Another) One of my friends from high school got married. Many of my friends are married but I don't even have a bf! Haa! 
To be honest, a friend's wedding is kinda like a small (or even big sometimes) re-union! Many of us haven't met for sooo long and whenever someone is getting married, we always try to be there to meet up again and of course to congratulate the bride & the groom. :) 

And this wedding really brought us together! :) So good to see my friends again. 

That night I wore a shocking pink cocktail dress with sheer on the chest part. It's really pink, I swear, but the flash and lights and whatever makes it look so red! Lol.

See? It's really pink! Believe me now? :P

Me & the bride. 
All of us couldn't get over how gorgeous our friend (the bride) was that night. It's her special night! 

Now you can tell how happy we were to see each other again. We took so many pix that night, posing and fooling around. :D

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beach Boho

So I went to Hua Hin with one of my co-workers...for work and pleasure, of course. And I chose to wear this orange printed sundress with braided head band, some bangles and sunglasses. You probably don't see the headband well though.
มีโอกาสไปหัวหินกับพี่ที่ทำงาน ก็ไปทำงานด้วยแล้วก็เที่ยวด้วยแหละ วันนั้นใส่ชุดซันเดรสลายพริ้นท์สีส้มกับที่คาดผมแบบเปีย กำไล แล้วก็แว่นกันแดด แต่อาจจะเห็นที่คาดผมไม่ชัดเท่าไหร่

Look! I have twins! :P
อุ๊ยตาย! มีฝาแฝดด้วย :P

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm bringing sexy bLack!

 In this post I'm gonna share the photos from one of my shoots which was photographed by Mohamed, a photographer from Ukraine. 
คราวนี้จะลงรูปจากการถ่ายแบบครั้งนึงให้ดู ถ่ายโดยช่างภาพชาวยูเครนชื่อ โมฮัมเหม็ด (เขียนเป็นไทยแล้วตลกเนาะ)

We shot in Mohamed's hotel room where he stayed with his girlfriend. :) He was so kind, ordering food for us. But too bad I didn't have time to eat! :( 
ถ่ายกันที่ห้องพักในโรงแรมที่ช่างภาพเค้ามาพักกับแฟน ใจดีมากเลยสั่งอาหารมาให้กินด้วย แต่เสียดายไม่มีเวลากิน :(

I hired P'Farm, the MUA that went to the same university with me to do my hair and make up, i always hire him. And of course, I styled this shoot myself as always. ;) 
ก็จ้างพี่ฟาร์ม ช่างแต่งหน้าที่เคยเรียนมหา'ลัยเดียวกันมาแต่งหน้าทำผมให้ ซึ่งก็ใช้งานพี่ฟาร์มบ่อยอยู่แล้ว 
และแน่นอนค่ะ สไตล์เอง ตามเคย ;)

All the credits are at the bottom of the post.

This is him!
นี่แหละ หน้าตาเจ๊แก :P

The photographer. 

Behind the scenes. 

Taking pix of myself with the mirror before the shoot...typical me! Lol.
ถ่ายรูปตัวเองผ่านกระจกก่อนถ่ายแบบ ประจำ! ฮ่าๆๆ

Now...time for the real photos from the shoot. :)
อ่ะ มาดูรูปเบื้องหน้ากันดีก่า

I wore LBD with stockings and some accessories, so my style!
ใส่ชุดสั้นสีดำกับถุงน่องแล้วก็เครื่องประดับ แหม ช่างเป็นตัวเองจริงๆ! :P

I'd wanted to shoot some Indian/ Arabian style for so long and when the phtgr. said he had something for me,  I was so surprised when he pulled out this mask (or whatever it's actually called). I was like "Oh whoa..this is beyond my expectation!" Lol. But it turned out to match with my LBD and...most importantly my looks!! Lol...
จริงๆ อยากถ่ายแบบแขกๆมานานแล้วไง แล้วพอช่างภาพบอกมีไรจะให้ แล้วหยิบไอ้หน้ากากนี่ออกมา (คือจริงๆเค้าเรียกว่าไรไม่รู้แหละ) ก็แบบ "โว้ววว นี่มันแขกเกินความต้องการกรูและ" ฮ่าๆๆ
แต่มันดันเข้ากะชุดพอดีเลย และที่สำคัญ เข้ากะหน้าอีกแน่ะ ฮ่าๆๆ

Photographer: MMS Photography, Kuwait
Hair & make-up artist: P’Farm (DAC KU 62)
Stylist: me :)
edited by: me