Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shocking pink at a wedding!

(Another) One of my friends from high school got married. Many of my friends are married but I don't even have a bf! Haa! 
To be honest, a friend's wedding is kinda like a small (or even big sometimes) re-union! Many of us haven't met for sooo long and whenever someone is getting married, we always try to be there to meet up again and of course to congratulate the bride & the groom. :) 

And this wedding really brought us together! :) So good to see my friends again. 

That night I wore a shocking pink cocktail dress with sheer on the chest part. It's really pink, I swear, but the flash and lights and whatever makes it look so red! Lol.

See? It's really pink! Believe me now? :P

Me & the bride. 
All of us couldn't get over how gorgeous our friend (the bride) was that night. It's her special night! 

Now you can tell how happy we were to see each other again. We took so many pix that night, posing and fooling around. :D


  1. Beautiful pictures, nice blog! You're very pretty. :)


  2. your dress is so cool:) and your hair is fabulous!;) p.s. I entered a blogger contest and I really need you to 'like' my picture.. it only takes a second. And the contest only runs for a week! I'd really appreciated. here is an explanation:

  3. looks like a fun night! luv your dress!!!

  4. nice dress :D
    following you back
    interested to buy dear?
    :D :D